Should You Go For The FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo SBC?

Are you looking for cheap FIFA coins? Then head to U7Buy and see how you can buy them right away! The FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo Squad Building Challenge allows players to obtain the footballer’s Golazo card. Golazo is a premiering Ultimate Team campaign. The theme of the event is formidable players who have delivered spectacular goals throughout their careers. The best scorers have been chosen for this campaign. We have the world’s best current footballers and also past legends who have retired from playing. Rafael Marquez is a former player. His Golazo card looks good, but is it worth the trouble?

FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo Squad Building Challenge Requirements

The challenge is to put together four teams.

FC Barcelona: 85 rating.

LaLiga: 86 rating.

Top Form: 87 rating.

88-Rated: 88 rating.

The additional rewards for completing each of these teams are: one mixed players pack, one small prime electrum pack, one jumbo premium gold pack, and one small rare mixed pack.

The estimated price of the FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo Squad Building Challenge is 332,000 FIFA coins. The card is a Hero item with 90 OVR center defending midfielder. The best stats are 92 defending, 91 physical, and 88 shooting. The card doesn’t look bad at all but should you spend the coins to acquire it?

Is the FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo Item Worth It?

Let’s not beat around the bush and just say from the get-go that the FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo SBC is totally worth it. For those coins, you cannot go wrong. The card will be a great addition to your roster. If we factor in the potential evolution upgrade, getting the card is a no-brainer. You get an amazing card and you can transform it into an even better one with evolutions.

Tackling, strength, and positioning are the top three reasons to go after the FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo card. This item makes for a great tackler ready to take on attackers. The card relies on strength to do that but it can also work with a simple tackle.

Strength is another one of the card’s advantages. FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo can knock almost any footballer off the ball. The card doesn’t go out of position which is great as you can rely on it. Long story short, get this card and you won’t be sorry!

What Is the Inspiration for FC 24 Rafael Marquez Golazo?

If you aren’t familiar with Rafael Marquez’s background and achievements, here is a little recap. Marquez began his professional career with Atlas in the Mexican Primera Division. He moved to Europe to play for AS Monaco in 1999. He later played for FC Barcelona. There, he enjoyed success, winning numerous La Liga titles and UEFA Champions League trophies.

Throughout his international career, Marquez represented Mexico in four FIFA World Cup tournaments in 2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014. He is the first Mexican player to captain a team in four World Cups.

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