NBA Live Mobile Multiplayer Mode Explained

NBA Live Mobile Head to Head, often abbreviated as H2H, is a PvP mode. This competitive multiplayer mode pits players’ team against each other. PvP games have a turn based mode. One contestant plays a quarter at a time. The player who starts the game will play the first quarter while the enemy team is guided by the NBA Live Mobile team AI. In the second quarter, the other player takes control of his team while the first player lets AI handle the game. Player one becomes active once again in the third quarter and watches the game unfold in the final quarter where the second player is in control of his team. In case of a tie, the game goes into overtime. During overtime each player is given one more shot at winning the game. As one can imagine the goal is to win the game and to receive rewards.

Players earn fans when competing in NBA Live Mobile Head to Head games. Leaderboards rank players based on how many fans they’ve acquired. There are 13 different tiers or divisions. Players start as Rookie 3. Only 1000 fans are required to achieve this rank. The next rank, Rookie 2, is unlocked at 2500 fans. The last tier is NBA Legend. At least 10 million fans are needed for the last tier. But players don’t struggle to reach NBA Legend rank for glory alone. There are also compelling rewards. Each advancement comes with a prize in the form of packs with special items.

Head to Head mode has a matchmaking system that pairs up players but it’s also possible to compete against friends. The Rivals page shows game info when playing against random players. Those who want to challenge their friends can do this from the Friends menu. Players will be able to play against their Facebook buddies. Collectibles are extremely prized items that can be unlocked by taking part in NBA Live Mobile H2H games.

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