NBA Live Mobile – Lineups Explained

NBA Live Mobile lineups are ways to organize the team when playing in different game modes. Each lineup has its strengths and weaknesses and provides two different attributes boosts. Stats are increased by two depending on the selected lineup. The selection is important especially when competing against others in head to head games and league tournaments.

Two Way is a balanced NBA Live Mobile lineup. This is a good choice for new players that want to get the hang of the game in live events or for those that are looking to improve control over players on the court. This lineup has flexible offense moves and keeps players constantly moving. The stats that are boosted when using this lineup are DEF and PAS.

Small Ball is an offense oriented NBA Live Mobile lineup. When using this lineup, players will become faster on the court and prioritize outside shooting and agility. This lineup doesn’t excel in defense so players should choose it with caution. Improved attributes are DRI and SPD.

Defensive is the NBA Live Mobile lineup that heavily focuses on defensive moves. Players should use this lineup when winning the match with the lowest possible number of points scored against them is their priority. When choosing this lineup, players will notice that the improved stats are DEF and SPD.

Shooting is an NBA Live Mobile lineup that keeps most of the players located behind the three point line. It’s a lineup that focuses on quick catch and shoot moves. The two stats that are boosted when selecting this type of lineup are SHT and 3PT.

Big Man is an NBA Live Mobile lineup that provides both defense and offense. Players will focus on rebound and block moves. This line up has inside shooting but lacks outside scoring. Another disadvantage is the lack of speed. The stats that will be boosted by this lineup are SHT and DEF.

Besides these, NBA Live Mobile Coins will help you get the good players you want for your team. Wish you play better and better in NBA Live Mobile game.