Get New FIFA Mobile Players During the Golden Week Celebration

Golden Week is a unique FIFA Mobile program that combines movies and a Japanese holiday with football. The event lasts for seven days and begins at the end of April. During the program, players are given the chance to earn packs. The event is based on five different movie genres. For each genre, there are special players called Feature Film players that can be acquired. To earn these players, users are required to participate in live events called Feature Film. The reward for completing these live events includes Feature Film posters and Ticket Stub tokens. These items are used in plans themed around the five movie genres. When players complete a plan, they get rewarded with specific player cards.

There are five players that can be obtained during the Golden Week. Each card has 96 OVR so these are valuable players. These players are Japanese footballers known all over the world. They are Honda, Ozakaki, Inui, Osako and Sakai. The program also features player items called Showstopper. There is one Showstopper item for each one of the five movie genres. These items are acquired using Feature Film player items, posters and ticket stubs. Each plan has its requirements detailed in game so players can find out what specific items are needed to complete it.

During the Golden Week, FIFA Mobile players will see a different type of live events available for each movie genre. Day one debuts with sci fi movies, the next day features thrillers, the third day brings action movies, the fourth day is reserved for Kung Fu inspired films and the last one focuses on the superhero genre. Double Feature day brings two different live events while Triple Feature has the other three events. The last day is called Movie Marathon during which all events are available. The Golden Week will conclude with the upgrade of the most popular Showstopper player to OVR 99. This player is unlocked using all other players and event tokens. Golden Week related announcements are made on Twitter and Facebook. Want to get better players for your team? Fifa Mobile Coins will be used to buy players in player auction, try it now.