Celebrate Holidays With NBA Live Mobile Events

Ball-O-Ween is an NBA Live Mobile event that celebrates Halloween. During the program, users have access to new players, sets and live events. There are 26 players to collect. Players have the chance to get Anthony Davis, 90 OVR card, and upgrade it to 99 OVR when completing the Halloween Master set. The holiday themed live event rewards players with trick or treat collectibles that are used to complete sets.

Thanksgiving Day is honored in NBA Live Mobile with a special event. New sets and basketball players are added to the game. Players obtain harvest tickets and spend them for harvest players. Tickets are acquired from game activities such as live events, seasons and head to head matches. They can also be found in card packs and acquired when completing sets. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sets are available as well.

Happy Ball-i-days is a winter celebration event that starts mid December and lasts until Christmas. During the 12 event days, players have special live events whose rewards list includes collectible items called Christmas Jerseys. These items are used in holiday themed sets that reward presents. More than 30 different presents are available. There are also 8 unique holiday sets. Holiday card packs make an appearance in the store. One free bonus pack with a collectible item is earned by any player who logs in during the event.

NBA Live Mobile celebrates the Chinese New Year with a Jeremy Lin themed program. Players are able to experience five of his most remarkable moments when completing live events. There are ten new players that can be collected throughout the event. A free master item is given for free and players have the chance to upgrade it to ultimate master.

The NBA Live Mobile Easter event is based on Madison Square Garden. Players are invited to take part in live events, to hunt for gear and to acquire plain eggs. These are used for special decorated eggs. Ten of these eggs are available and each of them represents an elite team. Different types of gift baskets, each one containing rewards, are available.

Here are the NBA Live Mobile Events in the whole year. Follow this guid so that you willn’t miss any of these events. Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins cheap from online stores before join NBA Live events by the way.