Learn The Ins And Outs Of The VS Attack Mode In FIFA Mobile

VS Attack is the new way to take part in competitive FIFA Mobile matches. This mode replaced the old attack mode. The update that implemented the new mode brought a few more changes. One of the most significant changes is the world map removal. Instead of this, players will now see a matchmaking screen. In this screen, players will see what division they are currently in, what are the promotion requirements and the play a match button. The matchmaking system takes two elements into consideration: division and number of fans. Players will always be matched against someone from the same division. The system attempts to find players with the same number of fans.

The game preparation starts once two opponents have been matched. The preparation lasts for 15 seconds so there is no time to lose. Players must select a formation and a tactic. The chosen formation is the one the opponent plays against. A match lasts for two minutes. In these two minutes, players must score goals. The player with the most scored goals wins the match. One of the important differences between the new VS Attack and the old mode is that the timer doesn’t stop. In the old mode, the timer stopped for actions like kicks and penalties.

The second difference is the replays removal. There are no more replays shown after goals. Another difference is the live feedback each player is receiving during the match. If the opponent scores a goal, players get a notification. The match ends after two minutes with no possibility of extra time. Players see an end match screen that shows theirs and their opponent’s performance. They will see how many fans and other rewards they’ve acquired or the number of lost fans in case of defeat. Based on the number of fans, players promote to a higher division. They can also get a demotion if they lose too many fans.

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