How to Spend NBA Cash at the NBA Live Mobile Store

NBA Live Mobile has two types of currency. The first one is called NBA Live Mobile coins. It is acquired in game for completing activities and it is spent at the game store alone or together with the other type of currency. NBA cash can be purchased within the NBA Live Mobile app. Players will see the price in their own currency depending on regional settings. Although NBA cash can be obtained in small amounts as an in game reward, the primary way of getting it is buying it for real money. Here is how NBA cash is spent at the store.

Players must select the store option from the main menu. They will see a few available categories. If there is a current program available or game event, there will be a tab that shows purchasable items for that event. For example, during the NBA Awards event, players will see a tab called NBA Awards. They can buy player card packs and bundles that are event related. The most common items to buy with NBA cash are packs and bundles. A pro pack that contains a player card that is at least gold quality and has three bronze or better items costs 150 NBA cash and 7,500 coins. There are also three pro bundles available. The one that contains seven pro packs can be bought for 1,050 NBA cash. The 14 packs bundle costs 2,000 NBA cash and the 40 packs one is 5,500.

The lineup pack category offers five types of pack. Each one corresponds to an NBA Live Mobile lineup. There are two way, shooting, defensive, big man and small ball pro packs. One lineup pack contains five items. There are two or three elite basketball players that can be used for that lineup plus three items of at least bronze quality. A lineup pack costs 200 NBA cash and 20,000 coins. There are no bundles available for this type of packs.