Check Out the New NBA Live Mobile Program – Summer League

NBA Live Mobile players will surely have plenty of things to do this summer thanks to the new Summer League program. The new event comes with new activities and a special selection of players. Summer League will feature basketball players that got their NBA draft in 2017. All these players are new additions to the game. Lonzo Ball and Jonathan Isaac are some of the newly added players. Colleagues from each league will be joining them. The program includes players from Las Vegas, Orlando, and Utah leagues. Although these players are considered rookies, they showed great potential so basketball fans have the chance to acquire their NBA Live Mobile cards and follow their NBA career from the beginning.

During the event, one special player is set to be released on weekly basis. The selected player is called Summer League hero. His OVR will range from 97 to 99. Hero player cards with 97 OVR will be acquired by filling sets with program related elite players. Twenty elite players are part of the program. Their OVR is between 84 and 89. The program will feature one MVP player. Lonzo Ball is the NBA Summer League Master. Players that wish to get this card need to first complete four hero sets. They will get the collectible tokens that are needed to complete Lonzo’s set. As long as the Summer League program is active, players will have new live events to complete. The reward for completing such an event is a collectible item that is used in the elite program players sets.

Here are some of the best NBA Live Mobile basketball players from the Summer League program. Lonzo Ball is the star of the event. His card has 99 OVR, it can be used in a two way lineup and its position is point guard. His stats are 96 speed, 92 3 pointer, 88 defense, 97 dribbling, 94 shooting, and 99 passing. Jonathan Isaac has 97 OVR. His position is small forward and the lineup that uses this card is shooting. Isaac stats are 88 speed, 92 3 pointer, 79 defense, 94 dribbling, 93 shooting, and 88 passing.

Don’t worry, if you missed the NBA Live Mobile Summer League. You could get NBA Live Mobile coins from online stores and build your team better.