Madden NFL 18: Same Passion, More Difficulty

Online Mode

The delivery of 2017 is one of the best in recent years, graphics that in themselves are quite acceptable were significantly improved as well as how to control players, now is more accurate, when you have the ball you have greater control to dodge , turn, run, but beware, this does not make it easier, on the contrary, because now the computer is smarter and begins to recognize your method, so you will have to find variants in your strategy to overcome it.

Great Graphics

If you become repetitive and predictable, the machine will “learn” and then yes, you are more likely to be charged with a defeat. This increases the level of difficulty and makes the experience of playing it enriching. As with every installment, we continue to insist that it would be great if Madden had competition, an antagonist that helps to improve the game much more each year. Although we know that his competition is against himself, a true evolution would come from having a nemesis.

Another of the favorite points of this game is when you face an online opponent, well, you can play with your favorite team against someone who also chose their favorite franchise and arming power duels to power, full of rivalry, to demonstrate who commands. Are Mexicans more skilled than the gringos or the other way around?

It’s almost a year since Madden NFL 17 went on sale. It was surprising, it was difficult and it was a step forward for EA. To this day, it’s a few days before Madden 18 and Madden NFL 18 Coins sale go on, so we cannot wait to try it out in full. Madden 17 was great, but Madden 18 will be even more.