Madden NFL 18 Review

In addition to all of the above, Ultimate Team has three major new features this year. First we have to talk about Draft Champions, a mode similar to the FIFA FUT Draft and in which we will have to create a template by selecting the players who will play us in each round. With these players we will have to play a tournament and depending on how well we do we will have better or worse rewards. The other innovation is MUT Champions, which is the most competitive facet of this way and that will allow us to get the best rewards. Finally the cooperative modality MUT Squad is added. In this modality we will play games of 3 vs 3 in which we will be allowed to choose the role of attack, defense or coach. The coach will use his coach card and can control any player except the quarterback and kicker. In attack the cards and the “playbook” that has the player that exercises of defensive captain will be used, and this one will normally assume the roll of quarterback and will be in charge to choose the plays to realize. And in defense will be used the cards that have the defensive captain and his “defensive playbook” while the player will be in charge of choosing the defensive plays.


Technical section
As we mentioned before, Madden 18 incorporates the Frostbite engine for the first time. And the quality leap shows, and a lot. But not only in the visual section, with improvements in lighting and with really good textures, but also in the physical, more realistic and credible than in previous installments. And this is very important in a game with as many collisions between players as the one that concerns us. By the way, the price of NFL 18 coins is cheaper, it’s a good time to start buy MUT 18 coins online. Have fun in game.