NBA Live 18 – What You Need to Know About the Guard Position

NBA Live 18 guard position is one of the three available positions. The other two are wing and big. Players who are best suited to become a guard are those who are not extremely tall. One of the best qualities for a guard player is speed. These are the four available play styles.

Guard point shooter is an offense play style. The primary skills for this play style are 3 point shot, passing, mid range shot, and dribbling. The secondary skills are shot off the dribble, on-ball defense, and contested shot. The three traits are quick pass, sure handles, and free throw. The perk associated with this play style is called Give and Take. When players get an assist they receive a boost that increases the 3 point shooting skill. Stephen Curry is a player who has this position.

Guard slasher is the second offense play style. The primary skills are layup, shot off the dribble, dribbling, and mid range shot. The secondary skills are passing, on-ball defense, and dunk. The traits are draw foul, sure handles, and contested shot. A guard slasher’s perk is called Break it Down. Players receive a bonus to shooting when they go into the lane and pass the ball to an open player. Russell Westbrook is one of the NBA players who is assigned to this position.

Guard back court defender is a defense play style. The four primary skills are on-ball defense, dribbling, steal, and passing. The three secondary skills are layup, mid range shot, and 3 point shot. The traits are corner three, rebounding, and no foul. The 3 & D perk allows these players to gain a 3 point shooting boost when they perform a steal, block, or contest. One of the most well-known players with this style is Mike Conley.

Guard playmaker is a balanced play style. The primary skills are dribbling, layup, passing, and mid-range shot. The secondary skills are on-ball defense, steal, and shot off the dribble. The traits are sure handles, quick pass, and contested shot. The Pocket Passer perk enables a teammate to get a finishing or shooting boost when he receives the ball from the player. Mike Wall is one of the players that have this position. Do you have any of these good players now? If not you can use cheap NBA Live 18 Coins to buy them from transfer market quick. It’s time to build a better team now.