Is There a Sports Game That Can Beat FIFA?

EA Sports is clear: this year has opted to make FIFA 18 one of the most important eSports in the sector. For this he has given a good facelift to his official competition, the FIFA Interactive World Cup, which has become the FIFA eWorld Cup since this season. A tournament that promises “more forms of classification, more live events and an even higher level of competition” with a single goal: to stand at the level of the great giants of eSports such as League of Legends or CS: GO.

FIFA has the advantage of being consolidated in the world of video games. Year after year it is one of the best selling titles (Call of Duty is the only annual franchise that overshadows this field) and has a large base of loyal fans that does not fail with any delivery and that invests large amounts of money in the Ultimate Team mode. In addition, FIFA is a true reflection of society: football is the king sport in reality and in the virtual. There are few sports simulators capable of watching you face to face.
Rugby, handball, ice hockey or American football or are other sports that have video games, although we can not place them at the height of FIFA or quality (maybe NHL 18 and Madden NFL 18 Coins, both developed by EA Sports, are close in the technical section) or media impact in the sector.

In summary, EA is betting on many, but many franchises and virtual sports, but we must not forget that FIFA 18 is what is paying more attention. We strongly recommend that EA fix their gaze on Madden NFL 18 as well, since there is a large number of players who love football.