A Quick Beginner’s Guide to NBA 2K18 Dunking

NBA 2K18 players can perform, among many other moves, dunks with their game avatar. Dunking is one of the most iconic basketball moves. Everyone, basketball fan or not, knows what the dunk is and how it looks like when it’s performed on the court. It’s a cool move but it’s not that easily done. This is true in both cases. In game and in real life, dunking is a pretty hard move, however, the good news is that it can be improved with practice. We don’t have any tips and trick for dunking in real life but we can tell you a thing or two about how to dunk in game.

What is important to know from the beginning is that dunking is not just about pressing some buttons. The path between the player and the net must be free from other players. There are certain abilities that allow a player to dunk even if the net is guarded. Another thing that’s worth knowing is that the standing dunk rating will also influence the attempt’s success. Players must also make sure to have an active dunking animation.

Here is the sequence of buttons for the dunk. Players need to be in offense mode. The R2 or the right trigger button needs to be pressed while the player is going towards the net. The movement is achieved with the left stick. The player will go into turbo sprint. The next button that has to be pressed is the shot button. This is the square button for PS4 or X button for those who play on XB1. Depending on how players use the right stick they will do a different type of dunk and how many cheap NBA 2K18 MT they got for team building. If the right stick is pushed towards the net the dunk will be a two-hand one. If players move the stick left or right, the dunk will be done with the left or right hand. The flashy dunk is done when the stick is moved away from the basket. There’s no other way to master this move than to keep practicing it.