NBA 2K18 – 2K League First Month Regular Season Recap

The best NBA 2K18 players in the world are participating in the first season of the newly formed NBA 2K League. It’s the first tournament hosted by this new e-sports organization. So far, the Tip Off tournament and the first month of the regular season have taken place. The Tip Off tournament was a five days event during which teams played in multiple games. The regular season started a week after the tournament ended. The first month of the regular season consists of eight events. An event lasts for a day. There are two events played per week so there are four weeks in total. The events are played at the end of the week during the weekend. Here are the results of the last two events played during week four.

Heat Check Gaming won against Pacers Gaming with 65 to 52. The game between the Warriors Gaming Squad and Celtics Crossover Gaming was won with a three points difference by the first team. Mavs Gaming beat Jazz Gaming with 62 to 59. These were the first day’s games. Seven more games were played the next day. Wizard District Gaming won against Pistons GT. Kings Guard Gaming scored 71 points that were enough to defeat Knicks Gaming who scored 60. With 73 points, Magic Gaming defeated Grizz Gaming. Knicks Gaming won against Raptors Uprising GC. The 76ers GC won against Kings Guard Gaming. Bucks Gaming defeated Cavs Legion GC. The last game was Blazers Gaming versus Raptors Uprising GC. Only three points separated the two teams and brought Blazers the victory.

The current leaderboard has three teams battling for the first place with an equal number of wins. The 76ers GC, Mavs Gaming, and Blazers Gaming have four wins each. Jazz Gaming and Pistons GT come next with three wins each. The most scored points leaderboard is led by Hood from Cavs Gaming GC with 33.5 points. These are just the first month’s results and things will surely change until the end of the season. It will be interesting to follow the teams’ and players’ journey and see how the leaderboards change throughout the season.