Russia vs. Spain in World Russia 2018: FIFA 18 Missed by Far in the Result of the Match

The Russia 2018 World Cup is full of surprises, even for the free update of the FIFA 18 event, where you can simulate the round of 16 matches.

The simulations can be successful when it comes to favorite teams, for that reason EA Sports bet Spain to win against Russia by 3 goals to 1. But the reality -as we know now- ended up being another.

The duel between Russians and Spaniards ended in a 1-1 draw, and was defined in penalties by 4-3. The victory of Russia yes that nobody saw it come in the statistics of the popular video game.

Russia is the dominant country?

If we do a bit of memory, we can remember that the participation of the Russians in football is not really remarkable, because the level of football you have is not very good. To be a European country, it is expected that you have a high level of football, however, it is not so.

Is that why we find it strange that Russia is still alive in the 2018 World Cup. Will she remain alive in the World Cup for hosting? It would not be the first time it happens, but it would definitely be good if the teams that have played with hearts and left everything on the court are the ones that remain in the world cup.

What is your opinion? Do you think Russia is playing a big role in the world cup?

Remember that FIFA 18 can already be found on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You will have the edition of the World Cup completely free as an update.