Rumors, Rumors and More Rumors About FIFA 19

In the last few hours, rumors about new game modes that would reach FIFA 19 have begun to run. The ‘Survival’ is one of the most commented to be added to the EA Sports simulator. With this, he will compete with the new signings of PES 2019.

‘Survival Mode’:

Each time a team scores a goal, they lose a player from the court. This will be chosen at random, and can only be won when there are no more players from your team in the field.

‘Mode without rules’:

Anything goes. The referees will not charge faults, not even advancement positions. Practice your worst ‘dirty game’ in this FIFA 19 game mode.

‘Long range match’:

With respect to this game mode the rumors point to two arguments. Some believe that you can only score from outside the area, while others say that goals from the same position will be worth double.

‘Stand ball’:

Practice your balls standing in this game mode of FIFA 19. You can only score with the head or volley, one of the most difficult in the simulator.

‘The first one’:

Players can place any condition to win the game. For example, whoever scores three goals wins or the first one to score a goal with the head.

At the moment, all these game modalities are rumors that every time gain more strength. So we strongly recommend you to take this just as a rumor. Okay, we would like to confirm this, since all these modes looks amazing, but let´s not hype guys.

Remember that the hype it´s bad sometimes, and prepare enough FUT 19 Coins for your ultimate team before start. So let´s play the waiting game!