FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Expands With Headliners

After the controversy with the Future Stars, from EA they return to the charge with the Headliners. These new cards for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team represent a new twist to the market. Since, as the season progresses, the score of the Headliners may vary. Always depending on the performance of the players.

The question is, what players have been included in this selection? Well no more or less than the best players in the first round of this season 2018-2019. Pogba, Reus or Dembelé are some of those chosen by EA Sports, although the total of Headliners amounts to 19 players.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team receives a new line of dynamic cards
Another question raised with these letters has to do with the fact that they are dynamic. This means that, should one of these players be chosen in Team of the Week, their Headliner card will see their rating increased by one point. That is, in the case of Pogba, his last letter IF has an average of 89. So his Headliner has one more point, 90. In case of returning to be part of Team of the Week, this average will rise to 91. This of course, will happen with any of the Headliners.

So, starting today, February 2, we can find this new series of letters in the envelopes that we opened in FIFA 19. So it will be a matter of luck (or spending a lot of coins in the market) to get hold of one of these letters. In addition, if the cards increase their score by the aforementioned method, their price will presumably also rise. So we can expect them to become inaccessible quickly.

In this way, the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team card market is expanded, much to the chagrin of many fans who do not give enough to buy envelopes or trade cards. Something that was already evident with the last line of letters, Future Stars.