FIFA 19 – Carniball 2019

FIFA 19 is known for hosting events that are based on real-world celebrations. Carniball is one of these events. It is inspired by the Carnivals that take place worldwide at the beginning of the year. A couple of countries host Carnival events. Each event has unique region features. For the Carniball, the team behind the game has selected players from the countries that host Carnival events. Players can use these event players in squads and take part in several UT game modes such as themed objectives and squad building challenges. There are eight countries that host 2019 Carnivals. These countries are Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and the USA. A couple of players to represent these countries were chosen as the Carniball 2019 selection. There are 26 players in total. The good news is that these players get rating boosts. Squads that include these players will get a significant advantage.

As long as the event is active, FIFA 19 players have access to special event squad building challenges that feature players from one of the eight countries. If you want to obtain all the 26 players, make sure to keep an eye on the game during this time. There will be 22 players that can be obtained from packs. The last four players are earned by completing weekly objectives. But there are more players that can be acquired. There will be six icon moments squad building challenges players. Two more players from flashback can also be obtained. Each day, players are challenged to complete special puzzle squad building challenges. These new challenges do not replace the regular ones. Players are also reminded to keep an eye on prime icon moment players. They can obtain Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, and Rivaldo prime icon moments from packs, fans could buy fut players safe online. These four Brazilian players have been selected to represent the country that hosts the most famous Carnival. As always, the most recent news about the Carniball event and more are posted on Twitter.