FIFA Mobile – How to Use the Customization System

You can have a personalized FIFA Mobile experience by using the Customization menu. This is found under Settings. Select the Settings menu from the left side bar. It’s the last option. Tap it and the Setting menu will open. You will notice a sub-menu called Customization. The options it offers give you the possibility to make some adjustments to the team as well as the game.

You can select the team crest with the Select Crest option. Just tap the button saying Edit next to this option. You will see a selection of leagues such as RSL, ProLeague, Bundesliga, Premier League, and such. All the licensed game leagues are present here. Tap the View button under a league to see all the teams that are part of that league. Check out the available teams and select the crest you like by tapping Select. Once the selection is made, you will return to the Customization menu. You can select a different team kit with the Select Kit option. You will notice two options. One is for home and the other is for away. All the kits that you have unlocked are available here. Press Done after you find the desired kit. You can also change the logo with the Select Logo option. Just tap it and check out the available logos. The one that’s currently active has active written next to it.

The Graphics option allow you to set the level of graphical detail. There are three levels: very low, low, and high. If you see the word “recommended” next to a level, that’s usually the best level for your device. You can select any level but it’s best to go with the recommended one. The Preferences menu allows you to make changes regarding gameplay, audio, and notifications. There are several gameplay options that can be enabled or disabled. The audio section gives you the chance to put on or off the menu effects, menu music, and in-game effects. The last option allows you to enable or disable device notifications.

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