How to Prepare for a FIFA 20 Match

FIFA 20 is a few months old already. It is a very popular game that’s not lacking community support and tools to help you become a better player. You can find many online tutorials. The official website features a collection of community-made videos that show how to perform various moves. But before going on the field, don’t forget that there are a couple of things you can do that will influence your odds of winning the match.

As you can imagine, the team you control can make a great difference. You can be a skilled player but it’s equally important to make the right player selection for the team. If you want to be fully prepared, then you should check top FIFA 20 players at

Team management is the game option that allows you to make changes to your team. Use this tool to create a team that will rise to the challenge. You can use the team management option to choose the players that will be part of the squad. You can also make changes to formations. Don’t forget to set up tactics before the game. You are also able to assign roles. Don’t forget that the team sheets option lets you save different setups. Save your most used teams so you can quickly swap them. You can also use this option to allow your players to rest after games. Don’t rush into a match without a game plan. Take your time and set up different game plans so you have a tactical response for any situation.

The game settings menu contains an option that allows you to choose from different camera settings. You can customize the camera for each type of game. Nine camera options allow you to make various choices. You will be in charge of how you view the field and from which angles you view the game. All these options give you the chance to design a unique experience.

Don’t forget the settings menu that allows you to customize your games. Using this option, you will be able to select the half length of the games. Choose the difficulty setting you want. You can even set up the match conditions. There are multiple balls to choose from as well. This option allows you to change the rules of the game. Using the rule options you can make the match just as a real football game. Settings that allow you to change the player indicators and radar are also available. Last but not least, keep in mind that the game has an auto-save function so don’t turn it off when you see the saving icon.


(Contributed by Reda)