List brings together the nine most bizarre uniforms in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 is the latest version of EA Sports’s football franchise, available for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The game is known for its plethora of leagues and professional teams from around the world. All are brought into the game with great detail, including accuracy in uniforms.

Some clothes even draw attention because they have bizarre and unusual traits. Available in Ultimate Team mode packages, players can choose from these bolder, more flashy uniform options to stand out during games.


  1. SC Braga (Portugal)

The third uniform of SC Braga, from the first division of Portugal, is gray and features details that simulate medieval armor. Although the intention is to show that their players are warriors, the final form is rather weird, bringing out the details of the shape of the muscles.


  1. Moreirense FC (Portugal)

Another Portuguese league representative on the list is Moreirense FC. With a traditionally green and white checkered uniform, the current version is even bolder. The geometric shapes are irregular and still have details in yellow.


  1. Internazionale (Italy)

Internazionale, a traditional Milan club, has a well-known shirt model: blue and black vertical stripes. The current uniform, however, includes diagonal stripes at chest height, creating a pattern break. A very different version of a popular football jersey.


  1. Lecce (Italy)

Another Italian on the list is Lecce, who is in the national first division. The third kit is made with a wavy print that extends through the shirt and shorts. There are also details in red and yellow, the club’s colors, which contrast with the shades of blue.


  1. León (Mexico)

Mexico’s Leon deserves a double on the list. After all, your two uniforms can be considered bizarre. Both draw attention by choosing prints, color combinations and number of sponsors on shirts, shorts and socks. If someone wants to stand out in the Ultimate Team look, they can opt for the Mexican team options.


Do you have any of these teams on sight? Let us know in the comments section which is the worst for you. Also, don´t forget that if you want coins or players for FIFA 20, do not hesitate to reach us at U7Buy! We have the cheapest prices on earth!