NBA 2K20 – Grab Your Nike LeBron 17 “Bron 2K Playoffs” Sneakers!

NBA 2K20 and Nike have entered a partnership that allows players to get exclusive Nike shoes. We are talking about real shoes that you can wear in your everyday life, not just MyPlayer apparel. Once in a while, a pair of shoes is released. The sneakers in question are Nike LeBron 17 “Bron 2K Playoffs”. Here is how it works. These shoes are available for a limited time only.

As you can imagine, they are also available in limited supply so not everyone will manage to get a pair. On top of that, you will need to complete an in-game activity for a chance to buy the shoes. That’s right, there’s no guarantee that you will grab a pair and you have to work for it. All you can do is act quickly and hope for the best. This campaign caters towards US collectors. You need to have a US residency and be at least 13 years old to be eligible for the physical version of the sneakers. You also have to play the game on a console as the offer is not available for those playing on the PC.

If you live outside the US, you can only get the digital version of the shoes. Keep in mind that you also need a Nike account and the SNKRS app for your iOS or Android phone.

You have one week to complete the online qualification. You need to win a MyPlayer Nation Playoff game. This may allow you to buy a pair of sneakers. If you are one of the lucky few, you will see a splash-screen in the game.

The screen will instruct you on how to link your NBA 2K20 and SNKRS accounts. The next step is to check the SNKRS app on your phone. You will receive instructions on how to buy the sneakers. No matter if you get chosen or not, your MyPlayer gets a pair of sneakers. At least you will be able to show off your sneakers in the game.

Keep in mind that even the digital shoes are available for a limited time so it’s an achievement if you get them. The shoes are white, with purple details, and yellow laces. These are the sixth pair of sneakers available through this campaign. They are also the second pair of LeBron themed shoes. If you missed this one, don’t get your hopes down. Keep an eye on NBA 2K20 Twitter to see when the next pair of exclusive Nike shoes are available.

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(Contribute by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)