FUT 22 – Kamaldeen Sulemana the Latest Exciting Prospect!

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If you are just starting out on FUT 22’s Ultimate Team (UT) adventure, consider grabbing this great Silver Star Player Card by completing easy Squad Objectives today – Rennes’ teenage midfielder, Kamaldeen Sulemana!




The beginning journey in Ultimate Team (UT) is always the hardest, and this is still true in FUT 22 as well.


However, if you are looking for better ways to nab great starting players for your new squad, consider completing these latest Squad Objectives to unlock a new ‘Silver StarsPlayer Card in the form of RennesKamaldeen Sulemana!


Sulemana may not be an 80-rated player, but he is only 19 years old and has plenty of time to show his worth to the world.


In FUT 22, his ‘Silver Stars’ Player Card is just magnificent due to his blistering speed off the mark!


Here’s how Sulemana’s latest player card looks like:


(LM) Kamaldeen Sulemana’s ‘Silver Stars’ Player Card: OVR 74


  • Pace: 94(+1)
  • Dribbling: 83 (+7)
  • Shooting: 75 (+9)
  • Physicality: 71 (+8)
  • Passing: 70 (+10)
  • Defending: 35 (+7)


With such outstanding Pace to boot – coupled with excellent Dribbling abilities – Sulemana is going to be easy to play with on the flanks, no doubt about it!


If you are interested in grabbing him today, here are the three (3) Squad Objectives that will need to be completed:


  • WIN 3
    • Win three (3) matchesin Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.


  • SCORE 8
    • Score eight (8) goalsin Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.


  • ASSIST 6
    • Assist six (6) goalsin Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.


Make sure to redeem him before his Objectives expire on 12th October 2021 (Tuesday) .


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