NHL 22 – Top Defencemen in the New Game!

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The best defencemen in NHL 22 should definitely be off the utmost priority when it comes to establishing an amazing Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) squad in the game today.



NHL 22 is a fiercely fast-paced sports game that requires great defensive talents who are capable of blocking off those blistering forward runs made by opposition teams.


Not to mention great play reads and interceptions to stop the puck from getting inside the team’s zones, an elite defenceman is one who excels in almost all areas of protecting the goalie while also fending off the puck from sliding into the team’s net.


If you’re looking for the best hockey players to play as the defenceman, here are the game’s highest-rated ones available in NHL 22:



LD – Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay Lightning): 92


  • Already at 30-years old, Hedman is already a household name in the NHL, marshalling his teammates against overwhelming odds when a match is going against them, with leading stats like:


  • Defence Awareness: 95
  • Poise: 95
  • Stick Checking: 94
  • Offensive Awareness: 91
  • Body Checking: 90


LD – Roman Josi (Nashville Predators): 90


  • The Swedish international is captain of the Nashville Predators and with good reason, as his leadership credentials are often times exemplified inside the ring where his abilities are also there in full display:


  • Defence Awareness: 93
  • Endurance: 93
  • Stick Checking: 93
  • Wristshot Power: 92
  • Passing: 91


RD – John Carlson (Washington Capitals): 90


  • Another seasoned player in the NHL, Carlson is a dedicated player for the Washington Capitals, joining the team since 2009 and is still going strong in the NHL with prime stats like:


  • Passing: 93
  • Slapshot Power: 93
  • Defence Awareness: 92
  • Offensive Awareness: 92
  • Puck Control: 92


RD – Alex Pietrangelo (Vegas Golden Knights): 89


  • Another loyal hockey player to a club, the Canadian superstar is Vegas Golden Knights’ most dependable player at the back, boasting great prowess like:


  • Defence Awareness: 92
  • Stick Checking: 91
  • Wristshot Power: 91
  • Passing: 91
  • Endurance: 90


RD – Cale Makar (Colorado Avalanche): 88


  • A wonderkid, Cale Makar is a potential world elite in the making as he is still fresh at 22-years old yet already showcases supreme talents such as:


  • Deking: 93
  • Offensive Awareness: 93
  • Passing: 93
  • Puck Control: 93
  • Stick Checking: 92


These wonderful defencemen are certainly the solution to all your problems coming from the back-end of the ice ring, and you should do well to recruit them into your Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) squad right away.


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