Madden NFL 23 – Top 5 Team Ratings Revealed!

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With less than a month before Madden NFL 23 is available for you to play, all team ratings have now been officially revealed, so let’s take a brief look at five (5) of the best ones for you to choose in the game.

Madden NFL 23 is now really close to release, and all of us can’t wait to get our hands on the game pronto!

Still, if the hype’s getting to you that badly, the official team ratings have already been shared online, and we now have a glimpse at the best teams to choose in the upcoming game.

Want to know which teams are rated the highest?

Find out right here:

Five (5) Best Madden NFL 23 Team Ratings

1.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (OVR 92)
The Bucs remain top of the ratings with a star-studded squad anxious to go out onto the field once again after clinching the Super Bowl title last time out!

2.Buffalo Bills (OVR 89)
Boasting an overall rating of 86 in Madden NFL 22, Buffalo Bills have now climbed the ranks due to the squad’s players showing significant growth and maturity from last season.

3.Green Bay Packers (OVR 88)
Dropping one (1) point from the previous game, the Indian Packers are still an elite team to compete against – or play as – in Madden NFL 23, so don’t let the minor slip fool you!

4.Los Angeles Rams (OVR 88)
One of the most improved teams is Los Angeles Rams, enjoying a massive +4 overall rating from the series’ last game to make it into the top 5 spot.

5.Los Angeles Chargers (OVR 87)
Following close behind, the Bolts are also now in better shape than ever, with some of the team’s players experiencing an uplift in career form and development.

Madden NFL 23’s in-game landscape seems to have shifted quite drastically, with most of the previous game’s best teams suffering minimal rating drops while others enjoy massive increases.

Nevertheless, what determines success in the new game is our own playing mentality, tactics, and determination, so let’s not take these initial team ratings too seriously, yeah?

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