NFL 23 – ‘Weekly Wildcards: Limited Edition’ Adam Thielen Now At Large!

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New ‘Weekly Wildcards’ MUT cards have now been released in NFL 23, and among them is a ‘Limited Edition’ version for Minnesota Vikings’ incredibly loyal wide receiver, Adam Thielen!

Throughout his 10-year playing career in the NFL, Thielen has only ever played for The Vikings, helping them to consistent Play-Off appearances almost every year.

Due to his steady performances on the sidelines, Thielen deserves some much-needed love with his new ‘Weekly Wildcards: Limited Edition’ variant here, with ten (10) of his best attributes being:

(WR) Adam Thielen’s ‘Weekly Wildcards: Limited Edition’ Player Card: OVR 97

Release, RLS (Receiving): 99
Ball Carrier Vision, BCV (After The Catch): 99
Catch In Traffic, CIT (Receiving): 97
Deep Route Running, DRR (Receiving): 97
Speed, SPD (General): 97

Jumping, JMP (General): 96
Catching, CTH (Receiving): 96
Spectacular Catch, SPC (Receiving): 96
Juke Moves, JKM (After The Catch): 96
Change Of Direction, COD (After The Catch): 95

Boasting unbelievable speed and catching abilities, Thielen can help your own team in MUT too.

Obviously, Thielen’s card archetype is Slot (WR), thanks to his smart runs to evade opposition blocks and tackles; eventually catching up to long throws and kicks up the yards.

Adam Thielen has multiple good traits as well:

Covers Ball (Braces Against All Hits)
Makes Aggressive Catches
Makes RAC Catches
Makes Possession Catches
Makes Sidelines Catches

You would expect an MUT card this great would be expensive on the Auction House, right?

Well, although it isn’t considered cheap, it is still quite affordable, only costing around:

Xbox: 418,000 MUT Coins
PS: 418,000 MUT Coins
PC: 418,000 MUT Coins

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