Trading with Players in Diablo 4

In D4, it’s important to understand that unique items and legendary gear cannot be traded. However, rare items with good stats and a legendary aspect can be traded. Most resources, like crafting materials, are untradeable in the game. Although gold is tradable, it’s mainly used for repairs and respacing. Note that you can’t trade the currency used for gambling either. To talk about dealing between players for in-game properties, we will recommend a trustworthy online marketplace named U7BUY. This trading platform has experienced a long history, from WoW to Fifa 23 (Fifa 24 is coming soon). Click here to find out more!

The trade system in D4 is a balance between D2 and D3 to prevent the trade of best items through RMT while making trading a useful situational tool. Players can still enjoy trading, knowing that they won’t entirely rely on it to acquire the best gear. It’s a step towards allowing players to enjoy the game’s ARPG aspect without trade ruining that experience.

Will magic/rare items be a viable endgame or just a legendary fest?

Diablo IV’s trading system strikes a balance between the previous games. It stops real money transactions by making the best gear and legendary items non-tradeable, while adding some thrill by letting players trade rare items. This way, trading is a useful option that doesn’t ruin the ARPG experience. Also, non-tradeable resources make sure players don’t depend too much on trading to advance in the game.

Not all items can be traded

Don’t forget that in Diablo IV, you can’t trade all items with other players. The best gear, like unique items and legendary gear, are off-limits. But you can trade rare items that have good stats and a legendary aspect. This is to stop players from buying the best items with real money. Trading rare items also makes the game more fun for the players.

Most in-game resources are also not tradeable

Most resources in Diablo IV are not tradeable, including crafting materials. You need these materials to craft and upgrade your gear. The only resource you can trade is gold, the main currency in the game. But gold is mainly for respecting and repairing your gear, not for buying or selling items. There is also gambling, where you can get a random item from a specific category. But gambling uses a different currency that you can’t trade either.

Finding items with value is what makes these games fun

That’s the thrill of gambling with items. I don’t get why some people don’t see that. Finding big items is fun. They are big because people value them for their usefulness or rareness, not because “it’s all relative”. Sure, it’s fun to find something for my build, but it’s also fun to optimize a build to farm and then use that money to make other builds faster.


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