Diablo 4 Renown

Diablo IV offers numerous avenues for character progression and improvement, and one of these is the Renown System. This system enables players to unlock a wide array of benefits as they traverse the world of Sanctuary and engage in various tasks and activities within the game.


By earning Renown, players can access rewards that prove advantageous not only to their current character but also to all their other characters in the same realm. This makes the Renown System a valuable and worthwhile investment, as it allows for substantial progress and benefits across multiple gameplay experiences.


In the following section, we will delve into the details of the Renown System in Diablo IV, including how to make progress within it and the types of rewards you can anticipate earning as you continue to play and explore the game world.



What is the Renown System


In Diablo 4, the Renown system is designed to reward players for their exploration, discoveries, and completion of various tasks throughout the expansive realm of Sanctuary. As you reach specific milestones within the system, you will unlock valuable rewards that can enhance your overall gameplay experience and provide advantageous bonuses. It’s important to note that each of the game’s five regions has its own Renown tracker, requiring you to fulfill region-specific tasks in order to make progress.


To check your current Renown for a particular region in Diablo 4, begin by opening the map. On PC, you can do this by pressing the TAB key on your keyboard. Once the map is open, you will notice the tasks for that region displayed at the top of the screen, along with an option to “View Rewards.” To access the Renown screen, press the W key on PC. This screen will showcase your current progress within the region, detail the tasks you have completed, and provide information on your achieved and upcoming thresholds. It serves as a comprehensive overview of your Renown journey in a specific region.





How to Earn Renown


In Diablo 4, there are several straightforward activities through which you can earn Renown. These activities include:


  • Discovering an Area (5 Renown): Uncover named locations in the world to fill in your map and earn Renown as a bonus for exploration.


  • Finding an Altar of Lilith (10 Renown): Locate the scattered statues of Lilith, known as Altars of Lilith, hidden in hideaways and off-the-beaten-path areas. Interacting with these altars grants your character powerful benefits, such as permanent stat boosts and increased HP.


  • Unlocking a Waypoint (20 Renown): Activate Waypoints, which serve as fast travel mechanics in Diablo 4, allowing you to teleport to cities and towns and expedite your movement across the map. Each region typically has six to eight Waypoints.


  • Completing Side Quests (20 Renown): Engage in side quests, marked by blue exclamation marks, which provide additional tasks for players. These quests often involve defeating monsters, finding specific items, or collecting valuable resources. Completing side quests rewards Renown.


  • Completing a Dungeon (30 Renown): Conquer randomly generated dungeons filled with numerous enemies and challenging bosses. Completing a dungeon for the first time not only grants Renown but also provides a Legendary power that can be utilized on your gear by visiting an Occultist.


  • Liberating a Stronghold (100 Renown): Overcome large strongholds infested with formidable enemies. These strongholds require you to complete tasks and defeat multiple boss characters to liberate the area. Liberating a stronghold may unlock small villages housing crafters and a Waypoint.


By engaging in these activities and accomplishing their associated objectives, you can steadily earn Renown and reap the rewards offered by the system in Diablo 4.



Renown Rewards

As players make progress in the Renown progression of each region in Diablo 4, they will unlock various rewards that offer substantial benefits. These rewards encompass:


  • Potion Capacity Increases: Enhance your survivability by increasing the number of potions you can carry, allowing for more healing opportunities during battles.


  • Skill Points: Acquire additional skill points to invest in your character’s abilities and further customize their playstyle.


  • Paragon Points: Earn Paragon points that can be allocated to various attributes, granting permanent bonuses and augmentations to your character’s performance.


  • Murmuring Obols Increases: Murmuring Obols are a form of currency in Diablo 4 used for various purposes. Increasing their capacity allows you to accumulate and utilize more of these valuable resources.


  • Gold: Earn additional Gold, the primary currency in the game, to purchase items, upgrades, and other necessities.


  • Experience (EXP): Progress and level up your character more quickly by obtaining bonus experience points through Renown rewards.


Initially, players can unlock the first three thresholds in each region’s Renown progression. The remaining two thresholds become accessible only when you reach World Tier 3. However, reaching World Tier 3 in Diablo 4 requires certain prerequisites: reaching level 50, completing the main campaign, and finishing the Capstone Dungeon. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you can unlock the remaining thresholds or claim the rewards if you have already met the required Renown levels.


By steadily progressing through the Renown system and obtaining these rewards, your character will grow stronger and more capable, enabling you to face greater challenges and conquer the world of Diablo IV.