FC 24 Viewership Reward Upgrades For The FC Pro Competitions

Power up your FC 24 season with EA FC 24 coins for sale from U7Buy! The FC 24 Viewership program rewards all those who watch professional game competitions on streaming channels. The program has been up and running for a few years now. It enjoys great popularity among the community. Fans earn in-game items for practically doing nothing. The only condition to get the rewards is to have your game account linked to the streaming platform of choice, Twitch or YouTube. If you are one of those who don’t like to miss any opportunity to get rewards, we have good news for you. The program was expanded to include the newest FC 24 professional tournament, FC Pro.

Watch FC Pro Broadcasts and Earn FC 24 Rewards

The FC Pro is a new professional competition that invites all new and veteran players to show off their skills. They will compete for awesome rewards and entertainment. All the important games will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. You have the chance not just to watch them, but also to get rewards in the form of in-game items. The Viewership program was upgraded for the FC Pro tournament. New rewards have been added. Fans have more ways to acquire prizes. New objectives are on the list as well. As the FC Pro Season continues, the rewards will get better. We can expect new objectives that will regale us with nice items for our teams. The FC Pro competition has not started yet, but we can do a few things to get ready to receive the prizes. Actually, there is only one thing to do to become eligible for the rewards: to have our game and streaming platform accounts linked. The process is simple. All you need are a couple of minutes and just a bit of attention.

How to Get FC Pro Viewership FC 24 Rewards on Twitch

To make things easier, log into your Twitch account first. The next step is to visit the https://ea.com/twitchlinking page. You will be required to log into your FC 24 account. If you have multiple game accounts, choose the one on which you want to receive the prizes. Follow the simple instructions to link your account. Once an eligible event goes live, you can start watching. Depending on the event, you need to watch for 15, 60, or even 90 minutes to receive the reward. The prize is claimed on Twitch. To receive it in the game, you might have to complete some in-game objectives, but don’t worry as it will be a simple one. Twenty-four hours after claiming the reward on Twitch, the item should be available in the game.

How to Obtain FC Pro Viewership Prizes on YouTube

If you prefer to watch the FC 24 Pro events on YouTube, you should be glad to know that this platform participates in the Viewership rewards program as well. Your YouTube and FC 24 accounts must be connected. To begin with log into both of your accounts. As usual, make sure you select the right ones. Go to the YouTube website and access the account sharing section. You should see the Electronic Arts option there. Click where it says Connect near it. A notification popup will appear informing you that you will earn rewards from eligible events. Clicking Connect will take you to the game account. Click Link Accounts and you are all set. All we have to do now is to wait for the eligible FC Pro broadcasts to start. There is something you can do in the meantime. Read more and join the hordes of satisfied gamers who rely on U7Buy for FC 24 coins!