The Best Association Football Games to Play in 2024

Itching to play the best football games in 2024? Here are five of the best association football games to try this year. From Nintendo’s cartoony underdog to the juggernaut that is EA Sports FC, our list covers what you need to know about these games, such as updates, DLCs, or where to get the cheapest Fut coins for FIFA fans out there.

Our list is a mix of casual party games and ones for hardcore football fans. Want something to play with the bros over drinks? How about managing a team? We’ve got you covered—there’s something for every football fan here!

Let’s kick it off, shall we?

eFootball 2024

Konami’s eFootball 2024 follows the classic gameplay popularized by the FIFA games. You build your football dream team, level up your players with training, and then put your team and skills to the test by competing in online matches, with friends, or against the game’s AI.

The game series had a rough start, with critics panning its graphics and physics. But it has bounced back in this new iteration and Konami continues to churn out constant updates. It recently added AC Milan, Internazionale Milano, and FC Bayern Munchen as a Special Player List in Dream Team.

Football Manager 2024

Dreaming of building the best football team ever? Try your hand at managing your very own team with Football Manager 2024! It’s currently the most complete version of the series, with added improvements like transferring savefiles, an overhauled Set Piece Creator, and a better transfer market.

So if you’re more of a thinker than a kicker when it comes to football, this football game will suit your style. It will need you to come up with strategies and routines that will best manage the talents that you have. A fair warning, though—you might lose a huge chunk of your life with this game!

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo’s sports party game shows that you don’t have to be super serious and realistic with football to have fun!

Sure, you don’t have the J.League or FC Barcelona here, but you get to battle against wacky Mii faces (football with Daft Punk or Iron Man is a surreal experience), kick golden and gigantic balls, and even do kick motions using the Leg Strap control.

With its low stakes and hilarious hijinks, it’s a nice break from the serious football games.

EA Sports FC 24

What better way to end this list than with EA Sports’ very own football video game?

Formerly known as the FIFA video game series, EA Sports FC 24 is the newest football simulation game by EA Sports. Don’t let the new name push you away–it’s still the same old FIFA game you know and love. This new branding is due to EA Sports’ and FIFA’s partnership ending in 2022.

But although their licensing agreement stopped, EA Sports still retains the licenses for the players, teams, leagues, and stadiums. And it’s not just the name that’s new—the game has new features, like PlayStyles that properly show a footballer’s unique moves, and adding women’s footballers in Ultimate Team.

If you’re kicking to play already and are considering buying some FIFA Fut coins to get you started, make sure you’re getting it from a reliable site!

Now go forth and play football to your heart’s content.