Recommended FC 24 TOTS Squad Building Challenges

Place an order now for FIFA 24 coins PC at U7Buy and we will handle the request in just a few minutes! FC TOTS SBCs help us acquire new players for our teams. These work just like any other Squad Building Challenge. The only difference is that the reward is a card from the FC 24 TOTS collection.

Team of the Season is one of the most popular events. Throughout several weeks, we get Team of the Season selections based on the best leagues. We have the premium collection which can be found in packs, as well as cards from Squad Building Challenges.

FC 24 TOTS Serie A SBCs – Wojciech Szczesny and Albert Gudmundsson

These two Squad Building Challenges give us players from the Serie A Team of the Season. Both challenges are easy. They require just one team that must be based on Serie A and needs to include at least one Team of the Week or Team of the Season card.

The Szczesny SBC must have a rating of 86. The goalkeeper has a powerful card with 94 OVR. It will cost about 54,000 coins to complete it.

Gudmundsson’s SBC requires a rating of 84. The reward is the striker’s 94 OVR card with dribbling (94), pacing (99), and shooting (92) as the best stats. The total cost is estimated at around 40k FIFA 24 coins. This is a decent card for the money.

Sofia Huerta – FC 24 TOTS National Women’s Soccer League SBC

Sofia Huerta comes from the USA. She kick started her career with the college team of the Santa Clara Broncos. In 2015, she transitioned to professional playing when she joined the Chicago Red Stars. Currently, she is with the OL Reign and national team.

The SBC gives us a 92 OVR card valued at 37,000 FC 24 coins in exchange for just one team that must include a TOTW or TOTS item and have a rating of 83.

Trinity Rodman – FC 24 TOTS National Women’s Soccer League SBC

If you want Trinity on your side, you need to get ready to complete six teams. We need a Top Form squad rated at 85. The other five squads are not based on any team. They are generic 86, 87, 88, 89, and 90-rated teams.

Trinity’s card is valued at 500,000 FC 24 coins. It is not a cheap card. However, it has high attributes such as the 93 OVR and 99 pacing. The player has a controversial celebration animation.

Renato Sanchez – FC 24 TOTS Flashback UT20 SBC

Back in 2020, Renato Sanchez made it into the Team of the Season. We celebrate this achievement with a Flashback challenge that rewards us with an updated version of the card. The item has 94 OVR and can be placed in a center midfielder position. The price is 440k coins on average.

To get the card you must assemble five teams. We need a Portugal team with an In-Form card and a rating of 86. Another themed squad is the Serie A one that also needs the In-Form item. The rating must be 87. A Top-Form team is among the requirements as well. The rest are generic 88 and 90-rated teams.

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