What’s New in FIFA 18?

We are already in the months before receiving the first news and news of FIFA 18, a delivery that, like every year, is eagerly awaited to see to what extent EA has broken his mind to continue innovating the king of football, with the Permission from Konami and its PES.
We already have the first signs of when we can enjoy the first new features of FIFA 18 but in the meantime at XGN we also wanted to break the coconut and bring you the things we would like to find in this new installment.
A few days ago, Electronic Arts confirmed the date of EA Play, its annual event in which are shown for the first time some of its news for the last third of the year. In the annual event, which will take place from 10 to 12 June (coinciding with E3 2017), it has been confirmed that we will be able to see FIFA 18, so there are less than 3 months left for the first official clips of the game to come out.
What’s New in FIFA 18?
One of the novelties of FIFA 18 that we would like to see evolve is the way El Camino, the great innovation implemented in FIFA 17 that puts us in the shoes of Alex Hunter in his climb towards glory, or not. EA has already confirmed that FIFA 18 will follow the same story, which we expect a step further in what is a mode with a lot of potential.
We would also like the coaching staff, the other great implementation of FIFA 17, to expand and be one of the great innovations of FIFA 18, with more people known, promising figures of the moment and so on. On the other hand is the new engine, Frostbite, that after its good result in FIFA 17 is time to move on to the next phase and surprise us with a visual display that, for the moment, we have not yet found in the new generation. Anyway, what we are sure is that we could buy FIFA 18 Coins from online stores. Hope transfer coins will be easy than in FIFA 17.