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Hurry Up And Complete These FC 24 Thunderstruck Squad Building Challenges!

No more waiting! U7Buy delivers speedy and efficient FIFA boosting! The Thunderstruck campaign has arrived in FC 24. It brings dynamic player items as well as Squad Building Challenges with great rewards. Let’s see what the SBCs look like, what stats the reward cards have, and what teams we must assemble to acquire the player cards. […]

FC 24 PRIME GAMING: How to link your account and get free packs!

EA Sports is once again offering exclusive Prime Gaming packs for FC 24 Ultimate Team subscribers, reserved for Amazon Prime members (previously known as Twitch Prime Gaming). These packs include exciting in-game content, such as rare player items, player picks, consumables, and loan players. To make sure you don’t miss out on these monthly rewards, follow the steps below to link your EA account to Prime […]

Diablo 4 Renown

Diablo IV offers numerous avenues for character progression and improvement, and one of these is the Renown System. This system enables players to unlock a wide array of benefits as they traverse the world of Sanctuary and engage in various tasks and activities within the game.   By earning Renown, players can access rewards that […]