Do You Agree With The FC 24 TOTS Boycott?

Buy FIFA coins Xbox One from U7Buy at fair prices all year round! FC 24 TOTS is the biggest game event of the year. This is when all the best performers are rounded up. They are then available in Team of the Season squads for their respective leagues. Many players look forward to the TOTS event. This is the time when some of the best cards are made available. It is not unusual for the TOTS cards to remain in your lineup for the remainder of the FUT season. However, something happened that players didn’t expect.

A big part of the FC 24 fan base didn’t take well the company’s decision on how some FC 24 TOTS cards are obtained. The players believe that the sudden change was made with the intention of giving them a hard time to obtain some of the best TOTS cards.

What Led to the FC 24 TOTS Boycott?

The community didn’t take the decision lightly and announced their intention to boycott the game by refusing to buy points anymore. The fans believe that this is the only way to convince the developers to reconsider the decision. Let’s see what the decision was. The developers invoked an issue with the Champion Player Pick rewards. Apparently, these were giving out unintended results.

The decision was to lower the chance of obtaining some of the best items. These belong to the popular players Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele. Both of them are among the best Ligue 1 FC 24 TOTS cards, so many players seek to acquire them. A smaller chance to pull them from the rewards means that those who really want them will spend more real money to open more packs.

Streamers and Content Creators Joined the FC 24 TOTS Boycott

The FC 24 boycott attracted the attention of prominent members of the community. They criticized EA’s decision and called for a boycott. Whether they really took part in it or not, we don’t know. What is clear is that the player base is not happy with the way things are going.

It’s no secret that the microtransaction system is growing more aggressive with each year. However, the players are complaining about the state of the game as well. They cite poor gameplay in many of the game’s modes and unstable servers. These are well-known issues that have plagued past titles as well. Despite the developers committing to fixes and improvements, it seems that the players are still upset.

Were the FC 24 TOTS Mbappe and Dembele Cards Worth the Trouble?

Mbappe’s FC 24 TOTS card is a 97 OVR striker. Dembele has a 96 right wing card that goes for a whopping 5,9 million EA FC 24 coins. There is no denying that the cards are appealing, but are they worth the price? That’s the problem as players are saying that they can get similar or even better cards for fewer coins. Take a look and choose the best FIFA coins offers from U7Buy to match your game needs and budget!