Get Ready for EA FC 24’s Spring Update

EA FC 24 fans, rejoice! EA Sports has recently released the patch notes for the next update. It’s chockful of details on gameplay adjustments, changes to its CPU AI, and updating janky animations.

There’s still no info about when they’ll drop Title Update 11, but fans are already happy that the next update is already near the horizon, given that EA also recently released Title Update 10. Is it too soon? Nah, it’s never too soon for a FIFA update.

It’s a good year for EA FC 24 fans so far. But before you celebrate and buy FIFA coins, here are some details on the upcoming spring update.

Gameplay Adjustments

Playstyles and Playstyles+ are one of the backbones of EA FC 24, so it’s no surprise that EA wants to keep this feature fresh, accurate, and finely tuned. This update brings changes to certain PlayStyles, like Tiki Taka, Pinged Pass, Pinged Pass+, Power Header, Power Shot, and Dead Ball, to name a few.

If you want to see the exact changes, EA has a before-and-after video on the update page. Players are always moaning about inaccurate moves and inconsistencies, so it’s good that EA Sports is focusing on it in this update.

Changes to Its CPU AI

For players who always had a problem with how the Legendary difficult CPU AI behaved, EA Sports has finally addressed the issues with this FIFA update.

In particular, tiki taka play for Legendary AI teams won’t be as commonly done when they’re near the other team’s penalty area. If the CPU AI’s players have been tweaked in PlayStyles to do more shot types, they’ll do so now. Lastly, if a player’s Composure Attribute is not that good, they’ll make more mistakes and bungle up their moves. Pretty realistic, don’t you think?

Changes To Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is another important backbone of this legendary football game, so it should be in EA’s best interest to keep this feature in top shape. Luckily, EA Sports has heavily focused on Ultimate Team for this FIFA update.

One of the biggest changes in Ultimate Team is how Legendary difficulty won’t be using Competitor Mode anymore—both in Squad Battles and solo Ultimate Team Drafts. Other Ultimate Team issues that EA addressed are fixing the Player Injury Pause Menu, Objectives with placeholder images, issues with stadium lights, player items not showing right, and some stability problems.

It’s a considerably long list, which probably gets a thumbs-up from hardcore Ultimate Team players.

New Animations and Audio-Visual Updates

Animation is also an important aspect of a sports game like EA FC. It’s great to see your players do the proper football movements and maneuvers just like how pro players do it in real life. Thankfully, animation is another thing that this update focused on.

Using their HyperMotionV tech and full team volumetric data, EA captured certain movements from the 2024 UCL match (Paris Saint Germain VS Borussia Dortmund) to add to the defensive roster of the game.

EA Sports also replaced the ball roll standing animation for the PlayStyles for Trickster and Trickster+. The new one is snappier and better, but you can still do the old animation by doing a specific input. Lastly, 86 new star heads and 9 updated star heads will be added from this update.  

Whew, that’s a hefty update! Better stock up and buy FC 24 coins before the update is here! View site to know where to get some.