FIFA 18 is not the only way to Make Sports Simulators eSports

For those who have lived the last years under a stone at the bottom of the sea as Patricio Estrella, the friend of SpongeBob, sports simulators are often used as a more understandable example of what a sport is. FIFA, NBA 2K or the racing simulators are still the video games that are closest to what most of the globe would understand by a “virtual sport”.

However, from these video games to what a sports simulator really means, there is a stretch. They are mass games with annual deliveries and this means that each year they have to vary so as not to fall into repetition. We all remember that year in which the FIFA had an absurd efficiency centers or another NBA delivery in which robberies and triples were the best tactic with a big difference.

Do not forget that these team sports are based on physical interactions between 10 or 22 players with a ball, a field and each other. It is a titanic task that has been made possible over the years thanks to the increase in the processing capacity of consoles and computers. Even so there are huge errors that continue to weigh these games and preventing them from being eSports of the highest level.

FIFA brings out the worst in players
For the gamer community, FIFA needs a profound change at the tactical level and set aside “the influence of the Premier League”, which weighs down the title to the playable level by converting it into a “runaway”, according to his opinion. We also remember Frostbite, a graphics engine developed by DICE and used by Electronic Arts in a large number of titles including FIFA. It was not created to recreate a sport, if not for Battlefield, and shows it.

So…what do you think?