FIFA 19 Performs a Last Minute Signing! Neymar Jr. is the Twelve Player of the TOTY

FIFA 19 presented a dream team in the Team of the Year (TOTY). EA Sports gave certificates to specialized media and influencers to select from 55 players to only 11. Curiously, Neymar Jr. was the great absentee and he was the promotional figure of the event.

As expected, the front was formed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappe. While in the midfield formed DeBruyne, Kanté and Modric. There was no room for the Brazilian anywhere.

How it happened?

However, FIFA 19 voted in the community to elect a 12 player who would get his Team of the Year card. Of course all the improvements would also reach this last minute signing.

Neymar Jr. already boasts of his 97th average card, which can now be found in Ultimate Team. The Brazilian reached in this way his teammate Mbappe in scoring, and we assumed that he would occupy the same position, unless we get Luka Modric or Kanté.
Neymar deserves to be number 12?

It was a democratic decision, but honestly, we believe that there are better players who deserve to be in that place. In addition, it should be noted that the participation of Neymar in the World Cup left us disappointed, because his performance was poor and was also the queen of drama during the games.

He is an excellent player, of that there is no doubt, but EA should give that position to someone who really deserves it and not place a player for mere popularity and / or marketing. But that´s our opinion, tell us your thoughts in the comments box and buy fifa 19 players safe online for your fut.