EA Sports FC 24 Vs. FIFA 24: Explained

Meta: Are you confused about whether EA Sports FC 24 is replacing FIFA? Here’s the difference between EA Sports FC 24 and FIFA explained.

EA Sports is known for developing true-to-life sports-based experiences. They were the ones behind crowd-favorite games like UFC, Madden, and NHL. When it comes to football, no game even comes close to FIFA. For years, fans have received EA Sports’ FIFA games, spending hours playing the game and looking for cheap FIFA coins to get their favorite players – it became the premier football video game in the market.

On September 2023, fans were shocked when Electronic Arts released a new football-themed simulation game in the form of EA Sports FC 24. This left players wondering what happened to their beloved FIFA games and if EA Sports FC 24 could live up to the hype.

The EA Sports and FIFA Split

The beloved FIFA games franchise resulted from a 30-year relationship between FIFA and EA Sports. Unfortunately, that relationship ended in 2023. EA Sports has decided to continue making football video games, dropping the iconic FIFA brand.

The move surprised most, mainly because FIFA 23 reportedly earned the company a staggering $20 billion in revenue. However, it seems that EA Sports has decided they no longer needed the FIFA brand to continue pulling these insane numbers.

EA Sports rebranded their football games to “FC,” which stands for “Football Club.” EA Sports FC 24 sold relatively well but received mixed reviews from players. Public outcry is often expected in big rebrands like this one; it isn’t as bad as you’d think, especially if EA can keep most of its players despite dropping the FIFA brand.

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay

Fans of the FIFA franchise won’t be disappointed because EA decided to retain most of their major game modes while revitalizing them in the process. Maybe they decided to invest more in their game now that they aren’t paying licensing rights to FIFA?

Jokes aside, Ultimate Team now includes female players, allowing you to mix and match legends to form the best squad. But that’s not all; they’ve finally given in to the community’s request to allow rating improvements by completing specific objectives.

Career Mode has also received a variety of quality-of-life changes. Coaches were added to the mix, offering buffs and boosts depending on your team’s needs. A handful of training modes were also introduced to help handpick stats that you want to hone even further.

Clubs received a general overhaul, starting with crossplay compatibility – PlayStation and Xbox players can finally reunite. Leagues have also been restructured, now having three different phases and offering unique Clubs league trophies for the top teams.

Finally, the road to esports program has been rebranded to FC Pro 24, featuring a standard 1v1 tournament basis. It’s divided into three phases: FC Pro Open Ladder (weekly qualifiers), League qualifiers (national championships), and FC Pro Open World Championships (world grand finals).

EA Sports FC 24 has shown a lot of improvements and innovations from previous FIFA games. So, it’s time to stack up on those FC 24 Coins, get those godly pulls, and climb to the top today. Want to buy FC 24 Coins safely? Check out U7BUY for a secure transaction with fast delivery and discounted rates.