FIFA Mobile – Team Building Guide and Positions Explained for New Players

FIFA Mobile team setup may be a bit confusing for new players and for those who are not necessarily the biggest football fans. When creating a new team, users have to select 27 players to fill three types of primary positions. This doesn’t mean that 27 players will be on the field during the match. Out of those 27, 11 are selected depending on the chosen formation. FIFA Mobile offers 16 formations. When users decide which formation to use, the game picks 11 players to fulfill each position. This process is automatic so players don’t waste any more time with team setup.

In the attack line, players must assign a left winger and forward, three strikers, a right winger and forward and a center forward. Wingers are attacking players that are normally placed somewhere close to the touchlines. Strikers job is to stay near the enemy goal looking for an opportunity to score. The center forward is a main striker.

The midfield setup consists of three attack midfielders, a left one, three central, a right one and three defensive midfielders. The attacking midfielder usually sits between central midfielder and forwards. Left and right midfielder are positioned either left or right from the midfield. Center midfielders job is to take the ball back from the opponent and support the attacking positions. The defensive midfielders are tactical players that provide an extra layer of defense.

Another eight players form the defense line. Their positions are left and right wing back, left back and right back, central defenders (three of them are needed) and the goalkeeper. Wing back players need to be physically fit to provide defense and also offense. Central defenders or center back have the role of preventing the opponents from scoring and removing the ball from the penalty zone. Full back players (left and right) provide support for the central defenders. The goalkeeper defends the goal.