How to Discover NBA Live Mobile Hidden Stats Values and Their Meaning

All NBA Live Mobile basketball players have hidden stats that are not shown on the card. The card normally displays player’s name, overall rating, height and six attributes. Passing, three pointer, shooting, dribbling, speed and defense are the six stats that can be seen. What new players don’t know is that there are a lot more stats associated with a player. There are around 60 hidden stats that influence a player’s behavior on court. The importance of these stats may not seem a big deal but NBA Live Mobile players who want to bring their game one step further and dominate in multiplayer matches will surely find knowledge about these stats very valuable.

There’s no way to tell from the NBA Live Mobile app what are the hidden stats for a certain player but there’s an online resource that lists them. Players simply have to check out a website. They don’t need to install any app on their phone so checking out hidden stats it’s not considered cheating. is a community website with three main functions: database, forums and packs. The last section contains simulators and leaderboards. To find a player’s hidden stats, users will access the database function. This will bring a list of all NBA Live Mobile players. A search option with multiple filters such as name, team, OVR, program and lineup type gives players the possibility to quickly find a certain player. After a particular player was identified, users can click on its name and this will open the details page where all the hidden stats and their values are shown. To discover hidden stats meaning, users have to go to the forums section. There is a post that lists all hidden stats and explains their meaning. This way users have an accurate method of determining which player is most suited for the team and how well will he perform in matches.