Improve your FIFA Mobile Squad with Team of the Week Players

Team of the Week is a FIFA Mobile feature that chooses players based on their performance in the previous week. Players are selected depending on their accomplishments in club competitions or international games. It all revolves around the events happening on the real soccer scene around the world. Eleven players are chosen as Team of the Week. FIFA Mobile users have the possibility to unlock them all by completing certain game activities. There are two types of Team of the Week related items: players cards and tokens. Each day the game hosts flash and daily events that help users acquire what’s needed to unlock these players. Some items can also be found in packs but relying on packs may not be that safe as pack’s content is randomly decided. Another way of acquiring Team of the Week items is buying them with FIFA Mobile Coins from the market.

Each week a new Team of the Week plan is available. Users complete these plans with players cards and tokens obtained from the activities listed above. The main objective is to complete all the plans and to receive the master elite player card. Each week comes with a different master elite. These items are needed for another FIFA Mobile program. Master elite players are used in Player of the Month plans. The Player of the Month program replaces the old Man of the Match. The latter feature may come back as part of a seasonal program. There are eleven players selected as being part of the Team of the Week but only one of them is marked as master elite. To unlock these players, users need to obtain all the other 10 players of that particular week. Tokens for Team of the Week plans are obtained from live events. When a plan is completed, users receive one of 10 Team of the Week players. The player obtained as reward is random. Players can stay up to date with Team of the Week happenings by following FIFA Mobile on Facebook and Twitter.