What You Need to Know About Team of the Season in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is getting a new feature. Team of the Season is a new program that picks best football players from five European leagues. The five featured leagues are Bundesliga, Calcio A, La Liga Santander, Ligue 1 and The Premier League. This update includes more than 100 featured players, new Team of the Season live events and new pack bundles in the store. Players that are interested in this feature should check FIFA Mobile each Friday when the new Team of the Season is announced. A weekly announcement will pick 23 players that had remarkable performance during matches from their league.

Players are given two methods to get the player item cards featured in Team of the Season. New plans are added to the game for each league. The plan that has to be completed first is called the starter plan. The reward from this plan is one player picked as a starter and an upgrade token. There are 11 players in total. To get reserve player cards, users will complete reserve plans. It’s possible to get a starter player from a reserve plan. Players obtained from these plans can be bought and sold on the market. Unlike starter plans, reserve plans don’t reward upgrade tokens. The items needed for these two types of plans are tokens and players that are part of that league. Tokens are earned from live events and by opening Team of the Season packs. Players can check plan requirements in game to see what items they need. After all five Teams of the Season are revealed, a special Team of the Season that contains players from all five leagues will be announced. The selected players will be given an upgrade plan that is completed using the upgrade tokens from the starter plan. The top 11 most popular player items will be eventually part of an Ultimate Team. These 11 players can be also upgraded but it’s not possible to trade them.

FIFA Mobile Team of the Season will conclude on the 3rd of July. Buy FIFA Mobile Coins cheap online and get ready for TOTS now.