Check Out NBA Live Mobile Packs Available At The Store

NBA Live Mobile store is accessed from the game’s main menu. Players have to tap the symbol that looks like a shopping cart to see which packs are available for buying. There are five categories: featured, current events, player packs, bundles and lineup packs. The current events packs offer players packs related to an active event or program. For example, during the Playoffs players have access to special Playoffs packs containing Playoffs players. The Playoffs offer includes Western Playoffs Pro packs, Eastern Playoffs Pro packs, Baller bundles, NBA Playoffs Starter pack, Conference Playoffs Starter pack and such. The prices range from 100 to 10,000 NBA cash. The Playoffs Baller pack can be acquired for 250,000 coins. There are also packs that cost NBA cash or coins.

The Featured category contains packs from all other categories. This tab usually lists latest added packs and packs from the current program. The Player Packs category displays all packs that contain players. From beginner packs that cost only 3,500 NBA Live Mobile coins to special packs for which players will pay 2,000 NBA cash, this category gives players the chance to improve their collection depending on their budget. There is also a bundle that contains two Pro packs. This bundle is bought with real money. The Bundles tab allows players to buy various pack bundles. The most expensive bundle costs 5,500 NBA cash and contains 40 Pro packs. The last category, Lineup Packs, contains packs that include players for specific lineups. There are five types of packs available, one for each NBA Live Mobile lineup. One pack costs 200 NBA cash or 20,000 coins. There are five items included in a pack: three bronze players and two gold or elite players. All players found in a lineup pack can be used for that specific lineup.

Before buying any type of pack, players can tap the question mark symbol found on the top right corner of a pack. This will give information about the pack’s contents.