Get Ready For A New FIFA Mobile Team Of The Week Program

FIFA Mobile went through a series of changes that made the game not just better but also more challenging. VS attack is a new way to play competitive matches. To celebrate players commitment towards the game and also their skills a new program called VS Attack Community Team of the Week is on its way. The program will be active during the summer of 2017. Each week, a new Team of The Week with players from the number one user’s team will be available. Users compete in VS attack mode and get ranked according to their performance. The one who manages to become the best player in VS attack mode over the course of a week, will see his or her football player cards featured as TOTW for the next week.

A new FIFA Mobile user will be selected every week as the leaderboards reset. This is scheduled to happen once a week on Wednesday morning. Players are advised to check Twitter to see the exact time. The player who sits on top of the leaderboards will get to see his or her players used in a Team of the Week lineup. Eleven football players are part of the Team of the Week. Obviously, players will also get some rewards. First of all, their game name will be shown with the selected player card so everyone will know who was number one that week. The other players will also be able to check the selected player’s number of fans. The other reward is a community TOTW master player. To make sure that everyone has a chance of becoming the selected number one player, the system selects a player only once. If the same player happens to be number one again, the next player will be selected.

Those who are interested in this program should keep an eye for FIFA Mobile news every Thursday. After the announcement goes live, players can also check out new packs, live events and plans. The first VS attack community TOTW will be announced on June 22.

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