Madden NFL 18 Will Have Version in Nintendo Swicth?

Oh, Nintendo Switch! We still remember with affection that moment in which you were presented. If we do not break our memory, it was in February when the demo trailer was introduced and March was the month in which the Nintendo Switch went on sale. At that time, we had not thought about what sports games could appear on the new Nintendo console.

Madden NFL 18 for Nintendo Switch?
To date, EA has kept quiet about it. When asked if Madden NFL 18 will have an appearance on the Nintendo Switch, they only change the subject or give an answer that neither affirms nor denies the appearance of Madden. This has created a wave of rumors on the internet, since fans would like to see Madden NFL 18 on Nintendo’s new console, as EA could take advantage of the controls to create a unique and highly famous version.

Imagine the possibility of occupying the Joy-Con to launch the ball or to move from left to right across the field or even feel the vibration of receiving the ball at high speed. It would be great, right?

Even in the forums of EA there are those who comment on the possibility that the version of Nintendo Switch has a first person mode. Yes, in the first person! That would be incredible! Recall that Nintendo is already offering first-person experiences; proof of it is their version of Street Fighter for Switch and the next VR experience of Mario Kart for the Arcades of Japan.

You will have to wait until the GamesCon to know if Madden NFL 18 will appear in Nintendo Switch or not. No matter what, Madden 18 coins will be offered by coins stores online with cheap price. What we need to do is just wait the game release to play.