NBA Live 18 Has Been Moved to The Vault

Starting February 2018, NBA Live 18 is joining the list of games that are in The Vault. This feature is part of EA Access, a program that is an Xbox One exclusive. EA Access offers games to play for free, the chance to get a head start on new games and to play a demo before release day, and discounts for all EA games bought for Xbox One. The cost of EA Access is $4.99 per month but players can get a massive discount should they opt to commit to an entire year. The price for one year is $29.99. This amount represents only half of what players would pay if they are monthly subscribers so the discount is quite significant. The Vault is the list of games that are included in this program. Vault games can be played for free as long as users are EA Access subscribers. The list has tons of great games ranging from old school games such as the Mass Effect trilogy to new titles like Madden NFL 18 and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Those of you who are reading this might already be NBA Live 18 players but this is a great opportunity to convince friends to play the game. Chances are they are already EA Access subscribers and in this case, they can get the game for no cost. The Vault version is just the same as the regular one. Players have access to all features. They can start a great journey in the world of professional basketball with The One, a career mode. One of a kind matches will be played on The Streets. Fame and fortune will be acquired when players join The League. The game features some of the most iconic basketball courts and arenas. Modes like franchise and Live Ultimate Team give the game replay value. Those who want to convince their friends to give the game a chance should not forget to mention that NBA Live 18 is considered to be a casual game that is beginner friendly and also has plenty of challenging activities. For more video game information please check news of our site. And for Fifa 18 account, we offer the cheapest price now.