60% of FIFA 19 Players Prefer the Simulator to the Real

There is no doubt that, especially in Europe, both FIFA 19 and PES 2019 are two major strongholds of the sports genre in the video game industry. Professional football is the reference sport in our region and, as is logical, sales, especially from the work of Electronic Arts, reflect this inclination. Therefore, it should not be surprising that in a recent survey of the Ticketgum website 60% of 1,284 users of both launches have shown in favor of the simulator instead of real football.

As we can see, the respondents also gave their three reasons why it was preferable to play a game on television or go to the stadium itself. The most used answer, in the first case, is the one that prefers the fun of playing a videogame instead of being 90 minutes watching a game, while the second case focuses on the economic difference, which opts negatively for the Live show given the usual high ticket price. This is not all, because the survey also left us with other percentages of the most interesting.

Here are the percentages

• 57% of the participants have adopted a second team in real life thanks to the results obtained in the Race Mode or Master League.
• 54% of the participants believe that the FIFA 19 and PES 2019 tournaments should be considered as real sports.
• 18% of the participants have changed their favorite player due to the results of the video game.
• 78% of participants refuse to play with the rival team of a lifetime.
• 13% of participants believe that videogame matches are more exciting and unpredictable than those seen on television.
• 82% of the participants prefer a quick match to practice the real sport.

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