UEFA Champions League Goals Recreated Contest of FIFA 19

UEFA Champions League Goals Recreated is a contest that gives FIFA 19 players the chance to have their goals recreated by famous footballer players. The footballers that are part of this are Paulo Dybala, Kevin de Bruyne, and Jesse Lingard. The winners won’t just see these famous footballers recreating their in-game performance but also meet them.

Here is how the contest works. First of all, participants must own a copy of FIFA 19 for PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch players cannot take part in the contest. That’s a real shame but these are the rules and we cannot do anything about it. Players must score a goal with one of the three footballers. It doesn’t matter which one they choose, it’s up to them to pick the one they like the most. The choice of game mode is also left to the players. They can use any FIFA 19 mode. This is a good thing as more players can enter the contest. There are no requirements for the goal but it goes without saying that it must be pretty spectacular to be considered. FIFA 19 has real player motion technology and many mechanics that allow players to make great moves so there are plenty of options. It may take some practice to obtain a contest worthy goal but that’s to be expected. Players must also not forget to record their goal. They will use the movie to enter the contest.

To be part of the contest, players have to upload the goal movie on Twitter. This has to be done directly from the used system, PC or console. They must tag @EASPORTSFIFA and @BTSport. They must also use a specific hashtag #UCLGoalsRecreatedContest. It’s really important to perform these steps. The uploaded movie must also be in high quality. There will be three winners. Each one will correspond to another footballer. The winners will receive a direct message on Twitter letting them know that they’ve won. The winners will go to either Manchester or Turin and watch their favorite footballer recreate their goal. Travel expenses and accommodation for one night will be supported by EA Sports. The winners can bring one more person with them. If you want to win you need to practice first, or buy fifa 19 coins online to get good players before start.