FIFA Mobile Thanksgiving Event

Thanksgiving is coming to FIFA Mobile with an event that allows players to get new items to improve their teams. As usual, football players are among the items received as rewards. Players will need to earn event specific tokens called Thanksgiving points to unlock the rewards. They will make Thanksgiving plates that will help them get points. Four ingredients such as corn, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie are needed to make plates. Each ingredient is bought with ingredient points that are required when completing event activities. For example, to get corn coins players will have to play the corn skill game.

Each skill game costs four stamina and has a different objective. The corn skill game has shooting as an objective. Shooting one on one is the goal for the mashed potatoes game. Players will need to take part in freekick wall and targets games for pie coins. Turkey coins are acquired from the dribble opponent race game. The rewards include more than ingredient points. Players will also receive coins, league points, and XP. Once players have some ingredient coins they are invited to check out the plates. They will fill the plate with a specific ingredient by buying it with coins. They get Thanksgiving points each time they fill a plate. After filling 20 plates, a bonus plate is unlocked. It’s possible to fill several plates throughout the day but you will have to wait for the cooldown.

The rewards tab shows what rewards are available in exchange for Thanksgiving points. There are 43 rewards in total. Players can spend points to get FIFA Mobile coins, boosts, training XP, gems, and player items. All players are American footballers. Dwyer is one of them. He plays for Orlando City Soccer Club. His OVR is 80. His attributes are 76 pace, 83 shooting, 54 passing, 77 agility, 32 defending, and 81 physical. Hedges is another reward player. He plays for FC Dallas in the Major League Soccer and his OVR in FIFA Mobile is 82. The best Thanksgiving obtainable player is 92 OVR Brooks.