FIFA 19 eNations Cup: Mexico Falls in Quarter Finals Against Denmark

EA Sports once again collaborated with FIFA itself to organize a major tournament of the FIFA 19 video game. On this occasion, different clubs face each other, but the eNations Cup, the nations tournament, has been organized.

The best players in the world of the simulator are already measured to define the first historical champion of this version of eSport. Mexico, Argentina and Brazil were the only countries in Latin America that entered the list of 20 selected.

The Mexican National Team reached the quarterfinals and only Denmark managed to get them out of the way to the title. Alberto Avila and Luis Villanueva demonstrated that they have all the potential to be among the best in the world.

In the round of groups they closed like the pair more scoring. Unfortunately, the Danish picture was more. But there is still a Latin American team on the way to FIFA 19 eNations Cup: Argentina.

In other news:

France proved that not only is she the world champion in real life, but she also has what it takes to prove she is the best in the virtual world.

That’s right, France was the champion of the eNations Cup defeating Argentina in the grand final. There is no doubt that France has shown on more than one occasion that football is theirs.
We want to congratulate France for this great achievement in eSports! We will be following closely the race of these gamers who placed the name of France in a very high place and offer cheapest FIFA 19 Coins for all players.